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The development prospect of the honeycomb plate is analyzed

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Stone processing industry for many years, is belongs to the mechanical processing enterprises are more traditional, simple principle, simple equipment, mechanical equipment, precision is not high, the process is not much, which belongs to the labor-intensive enterprises. But with the development of economy, and the competition of the stone industry A new force suddenly rises. intensifies, whether in the innovation of equipment, as well as the market demand and product, some enterprises will develop a new market field, that is -- stone plate and honeycomb board.

A sheet

Thin stone plate, granite sheet, plastic sheet. Granite sheet market has been developed for several years, has now become more mature, while plastic sheeting in the national market has just sprouted. Although the world plastic sheet market is better than domestic, but has not yet entered the growth period. The production of plastic sheeting in a small area in several provinces, due to resource constraints, only a small number of processing areas in the region, sales are very limited. Fujian is the National Center of stone processing, the world famous plastic plate, this has hundreds of blocks sales, provide rich varieties of data sheet production enterprises. So far, the Fujian production of plastic sheeting enterprises but also 30, far less than other varieties of production enterprises and some enterprises in the production process, whether the equipment or technology are in exploration, the exploration stage, but also a need to improve technology and process improving process.

Plastic sheet due to mechanical equipment, auxiliary materials, stone material properties (fragile fracture) effect, at present only the production of thin (8mm-12mm thick) specifications sheet, such as: 305x305mm, 400x400mm, 457x457mm, more than 600x600mm, there is no company to mass production.

The use of plastic sheet is mainly in the area of single cell or family, in the foreign market has more demand.

Two, honeycomb board

Plastic because of its natural materials and changes in thousands of colors and lines gradually by the decoration industry and customers of all ages. The country's plastic manufacturers about thousands of. The small stone market occupy half of the country, the competition is very fierce. In this market, forcing manufacturers to decrease the cost of the environment, apart from management efforts, mechanical equipment and processing technology are similar, so the new technology and new product a form of thinking is born. Save costs from resources, from 1m2 to 3M2 or even 4m2. Combined with other materials of the plate, not only improve the performance characteristics of the plastic, but also without losing the natural color and material. This is a new plastic products - plastic honeycomb board.

(a) excellent performance of plastic honeycomb board

1, light weight:

The thin plastic honeycomb board can only 5mm thick (composite and aluminum plate). Commonly used composite tiles or granite, only 12mm thick or so, transportation will save a lot of cost, the building has a load limit in the case it is the best choice.

2, strength improvement:

The bending strength, bending strength and shear strength of plastic, ceramic tile, granite and aluminum honeycomb board are obviously improved, and the breakage rate of transportation, installation and use is greatly reduced.

3, anti pollution ability:

Ordinary plastic plate (the board) in the installation process or after the process, such as using cement wet paste, probably after six months or a year, a variety of color and appearance of plastic surface stains, very difficult to remove. The honeycomb plate because of its floor more hard and compact, and a thin layer of glue, to avoid this happening.

4, more easy to control color:

Because the plastic honeycomb board is to use the original 1m2 board (the board) cut into 3 or 4 pieces into 3M2 or 4m2. These 3, 4m2 pattern and color is almost the same as the 100%, so it is easier to ensure the use of large areas, the color and pattern consistency.

5, easy to install:

With the above characteristics, during the installation process, regardless of weight, easily broken (strength) or color stitching greatly increase the installation efficiency and safety, but also reduce the cost of installation.

6, break the forbidden area:

Plastic decorative parts, both inside and outside of the wall, floor, window, porch, desktop and so on, the original ordinary board (the board) are not the problem, but the ceiling either plastic or granite, any decoration companies dare not and can not take the risk. The plastic honeycomb plate and aluminum plate, aluminum honeycomb after bonding would break the stone decoration area. Because it is very light weight, only the board of the 1/5 to 1/10. In order to use the stone decorative ceiling it is.

7, sound insulation, moisture-proof:

The honeycomb plate made of aluminum honeycomb board and plastic, because the hollow aluminum honeycomb core with six equilateral edge made with sound insulation, moisture-proof, insulation performance, cold. Therefore, these characteristics were far beyond the performance characteristics of the board do not have.

8, reduce costs:

Because the stone composite material is thinner and lighter, it can save a part of the cost in the transportation and installation, and for the more expensive stone material, the cost of the product is lower than that of the original board.

9, reduce costs:

Because the stone honeycomb plate is thin and light, it can save part of the cost in the transportation and installation, and for the more expensive stone material, the cost of the product is lower than that of the original board.

10, section capital environmental protection:

Plastic honeycomb board is 1.75 cm thick raw stone