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What is a honeycomb panel

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Honeycomb panel and stainless steel honeycomb panel is now commonly used building materials, it is made of two pieces of thin panel, honeycomb panel and stainless steel honeycomb panel is made of cement stick in a thick layer of honeycomb core material on both sides of sandwich plates. Honeycomb panel will be cutoff waveguide welded together, form the cutoff waveguide array, can effectively prevent leakage of electromagnetic wave.

The role of the honeycomb panel:

Honeycomb panel according to the function can be divided into the buffer honeycomb panel and honeycomb panel packing. The structure of the honeycomb panel special, can provide strong compressive strength. Paper honeycomb panel can reduce the cost. Honeycomb panel aperture is generally divided into 8 mm, 16 mm, 32 mm size. Packaging honeycomb panel is common paper honeycomb panel. It can make all kinds of trays, packing, packaging board, packing boxes, etc. Paper honeycomb plate is to protect the ?