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Congratulations to fang lei honeycomb composite materials co., LTD. Web site online

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Fang lei honeycomb composite materials co., LTD. Was established in 2010, is located in suzhou city, specializing in the production of series of AC para aramid fiber honeycomb, between aramid fiber honeycomb and aluminum honeycomb, absorbing honeycomb and all kinds of honeycomb composite plate. The company has its own r&d and design of a complete set of 914 mm wide cellular production line equipment, with international aviation AS9100 quality system certification, production of AC series of cellular poison "fireworks", dielectric, and high and low temperature performance is through a third party inspection agency authority.

Fang lei company has a young, professional technical team, for the aircraft interior, radome, yacht, rail vehicle, trailer and put in various fields provide customers high quality, short delivery honeycomb products and technical services.

Fang lei company has been committed to the development of new products, new technologies and improve, not ?