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What are the special characteristics of honeycomb stone composite board?

Date:2015-1-13 15:03:07Visits:

Honeycomb stone composite board with natural stone, non renewable, has a good hedge. Jute granite as non renewable resources, the amount of savings is limited, especially some rare granite stone, now has limited exploitation. As a result, the ultra thin granite stone is more noble than pottery, porcelain, or any other man-made material, so the natural stone decoration can greatly increase the value of real estate.

Hard and durable. Granite material hard and compact, uniform structure, high strength, hardness second only to diamond column. Decorative stone can be weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, low water absorption with ultra-thin granite as jute is a good material for building. Some of the famous foreign buildings, castles are built of granite stone material for health, after centuries, is still strong and durable.

Composite plate made of aluminum honeycomb board and marble, because of its hollow aluminum honeycomb core with six equilateral edge made with sound insulation, moisture-proof, insulation performance, cold. Therefore, these characteristics were far beyond the performance characteristics of the board do not have, saving energy and reducing consumption: stone aluminum honeycomb composite plate because of its sound insulation, moisture-proof, insulation performance, therefore, in the indoor and outdoor installation can greatly reduce the heat and electricity consumption.